Girl with Pure Water

Tyent’s Ionized Alakaline Water Sets a New Standard For Purity

Date:09.2.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Kitchens, News, Water Ionizers

                                           Pure Water, the Clear Choice          I was traveling last week and while passing through this little town I stopped at a country-cooking restaurant for something to eat.  There were some cars [...]


Healthy Ways To Drink Water, Avoiding Health Issues

Date:09.1.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips

Drinking the right amount of water needed for your body, in the right way, is an art. And, learning this art is the key to healthy living. Water constitute almost 80% of our body weight, and is an incredible part of our daily bodily mechanism. All your vital organs rely on water to function properly. [...]


A Sweet Dessert From Tyent USA

Date:08.28.2014 |    Category:Recipes

                                      Tyent USA’s Tasty Thursday Recipe       I look forward to Thursdays around here because my Boss allows me to post a really tasty recipe that I feel most people will enjoy.    When we kids were clamoring for [...]

Volcano Explosian

Tyent USA’s News & Weather In The World

Date:08.27.2014 |    Category:News

  Hodge Podge Blog   Today’s blog is a mixture of weather related news in the world. We’ll begin with the latest news and weather story coming out of Bardarbunga, Iceland.        About ten days ago the seismic tremors of an earthquake began to roll across the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland.  Since that time, [...]


Summer Is Still Here So Stay Cool

Date:08.26.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Water Ionizers

                        Keep Cool With Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water          It is August.  August is typically the hottest month of year for many of us here in America with most states averaging around 80 degrees. Averages don’t always translate to actual though. [...]

Water Cycle 2


Date:08.25.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, News, Water Ionizers

                                   The Never Ending Cycle of Water         The Question   Were you aware there is about the same amount of water on the Earth today as there was millions of years ago?  It’s hard to [...]



Date:08.22.2014 |    Category:Fun Friday

                                                                             Hey everybody, it’s Fun Friday!       There is no better day to end the week and [...]

Fruit drinks

Tyent USA Goes a Little Fruity Over Cool Summer Drinks

Date:08.21.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, Kitchens, Recipes, Water Ionizers

                                   Stay Cool With Fruit Infused Tyent Water       That little cool front that passed through here last week had me thinking that maybe Fall was coming early this year.  However, since the heat-index has been hovering around 100 degrees this week, I may have been a little hasty in putting summertime [...]

All energy

Tyent USA Looks at Hydroelectricty

Date:08.20.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, News, Water Ionizers

                                                                           Water at Work in the World     Water plays a crucial role in the development of any nation, [...]

Tyent USA Looks at Water in America

Tyent USA Looks at Water in America

Date:08.19.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, News, Water Ionizers

                                               Water in the News in America       As I have written lately, you can’t open a newspaper, listen to the radio or turn on your television set without reading, hearing, or [...]