Mega Money-Saving Black Friday Sale Going On Right Now At The Tyent Alkaline Water Company!

Date:11.26.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, Mail Room, SALE, Water Ionizers

  Tyent’s Black Friday Sale is Going on Now By Alan Ray         Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in America; a wonderful time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy good food, good company, and to give thanks for our multitude of blessings.   From all of us at The Tyent Alkaline [...]

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Is Ionized Alkaline Water Worth It?

Date:11.25.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Going Green, Water Conservation, Water Ionizers

    How Is Alkaline Water Really Better Than Bottled Water? By Alan Ray          It seems the more questions answered about ionized alkaline water, the more questions asked.    To begin with, several people wanted to know about the cost of drinking alkaline water, and if it was really worth it.  The [...]

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Does Alkaline Water Taste Different?

Date:11.24.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Mail Room, Testimonies, Water Ionizers

    Does Alkaline Water Taste Different Than Other Water? By Alan Ray       Well, the weekend is over and today it’s back to the grindstone.  This week however, is special.  This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and people all across this great nation, as well as ex-Pats all around the world, will gives thanks [...]

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Is Alkaline Water Good For Cancer Patients?

Date:11.20.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Mail Room, News, Testimonies, Water Ionizers

  What About Ionized Alkaline Water And Cancer Patients? By Alan Ray         It is another day and another bag full of questions to answer from people worldwide wanting to know more about alkaline water so let’s get to it.   Today’s first question is a good one.    Is Alkaline Water Good [...]


Is Alkaline Water Proven To Be Better Water Than Regular?

Date:11.19.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Mail Room, Testimonies, Water Ionizers

  Some Questions About Ionized Alkaline Water Answered By Alan Ray        I am really enjoying these questions from good people everywhere wanting to learn more about ionized alkaline water from The Tyent Alkaline Water Company.   It is with tongue-in-cheek that I refer to them as filling the Mail Bag, while in actuality; they [...]

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Is Alkaline Water More Hydrating Than Regular Water?

Date:11.18.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Going Green, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Mail Room

               Does Alkaline Water Hydrate you Better? By Alan Ray       This particular question is one of many along those same lines.  People want to know how alkaline water can be more hydrating that regular water.  First, let’s define hydration.   Hydration – The introduction of additional fluid [...]

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Is Ionized Alkaline Water The Best To Drink?

Date:11.17.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, Mail Room, Water Ionizers

    Isn’t Bottled Water Really Just as Good as Ionized Alkaline Water? By Alan Ray           It is only Monday and the Mail Bag is full.  Over the weekend we received question after question from people all over the country and the world wanting to know more about ionized alkaline water, with [...]


Does Alkaline Water Conduct Electricity?

Date:11.14.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Mail Room, News, SALE, Water Ionizers

                                              The Questions Keep Pouring In   By Alan Ray        We have a diverse group of questions to answer today so we’d better get right to some of them.  Oh, but first, I’d like to say that I received some feedback yesterday regarding my English as in, “What is Alkaline Water Machine”?  [...]

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What Is An Alkaline Water Machine?

Date:11.13.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Kitchens, Mail Room, Water Ionizers

       Questions About Alkaline Water From Around the World   By Alan Ray     Live-from the Mail Room just beneath the basement of The Tyent Alkaline Water Company, it’s Mail Call time!   It is somewhat amazing the number of people from all over the world who are contacting Tyent each day wanting [...]


Is Alkaline Water Healthy To Drink?

Date:11.12.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, Mail Room, News

                                                   The Mail Room is Flooded! By Alan Ray       Oh my goodness, we have started something here.  Now that Tyent has begun using the Blog space to answer the [...]