Chemical Spill Spreads Fear And Confusion in West Virginia

Date:07.29.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, News

  Chemical Spill in West Virginia Spreads Fear And Danger          Back in January, water was on the lips of most residents of Charleston, West Virginia.  Well, at least the word water was. That particular Friday morning, workers at the Freedom Industries plant noticed a 35,000-gallon holding tank was leaking the chemical MCHM into the Elk River.  Citizens were [...]

San Fran Stamp

Tyent USA Looks At San Francisco’s Ban on Plastic Water Bottles

Date:07.28.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Going Green, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, News, Water Ionizers

  San Francisco Bans Bottled Water Sales!   “San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality”.                                                                             [...]


Fun Friday At Tyent USA!

Date:07.25.2014 |    Category:Fun Friday

                                           Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!        Oh yes…it is Friday, the last day of a long week.  At Tyent USA we work hard all week long to bring you the purest water and best customer service on the planet, so when Friday arrives, it’s time to de-stress, decompress, and enjoy a little personal [...]

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Tyent USA’s Thursday Recipe (s)

Date:07.24.2014 |    Category:Recipes, Water Ionizers

                                                      Thursday’s Tasty Recipe                                               Summer is flying [...]

Lab Techs

Tyent Water Goes Under The Microscope

Date:07.23.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, News, Press Room, Water Ionizers

                                          Testing…Testing…   The Results are in and Tyent USA Scores Off the Charts!       There is a lot of talk going on these days about water.  Out west, they are talking about the [...]

The Great Lakes Map

Tyent USA Looks at fresh water in North America

Date:07.21.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, News, Water Ionizers

                      Tyent Looks at Three of the Great Lakes        North America is home to a series of fresh water lakes known as the Great Lakes.  Stretching from Minnesota to New York and from Illinois into Canada, these lakes contain nine tenths of all the fresh water in the United States and [...]

Happy Friday-beach

Fun Friday at Tyent USA

Date:07.18.2014 |    Category:Fun Friday

                                                Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!        Well, the weekend is once again upon us.  Friday is a very popular day with the American worker while Tuesday is the day most newborns like to make their appearance.     Five Fun Friday Facts       Fear of Friday the 13th  has a [...]

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Tyent USA’s Recipe of the Week

Date:07.17.2014 |    Category:Recipes

   A Tasty Summer Salad From Tyent USA!          With summertime, comes outdoor activities, spur of the moment get togethers, picnics, fun and more. I live in the south but believe that bringing along a delicious side dish to enjoy is a tradition everywhere and anywhere that food, friends and family gather. [...]


Tyent USA Looks at Droughts and Water Conservation

Date:07.16.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, News, Water Ionizers

         Water Conservation Becoming Ever More Necessary         Ironically, though water covers two thirds of our planet, clean drinking water and in some places, water itself, is becoming scarcer by the minute.  City municipalities are struggling to keep up with demand from an ever-growing population.  Cities and states around the [...]

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Date:07.15.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, News, Water Ionizers

The Whole World’s On a Diet!  Part 2       It seems a new diet fad comes on the market almost weekly promising to be the diet to end all diets.    Dieting, for many millions of people, can be an ongoing exercise in futility and frustration.  Many of us, either have dieted ourselves, [...]