Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!

Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!

Date:09.19.2014 |    Category:Fun Friday

                                                                 Hey everybody it’s Fun Friday!        This morning is a particularly beautiful Friday morning.  It is bright, sunny, and a little cooler [...]

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Tyent USA’s Tasty Thursday Recipe!

Date:09.18.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Tips, Recipes, Water Ionizers

               Turkey & Bacon Panini With Chipotle Mayonnaise       Today’s recipe makes one of the most delicious sandwiches you will ever eat.  With Thanksgiving coming up you’ll need some new ways to use that left over turkey and this is a great one.  However, you don’t need to wait [...]

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Tyent USA And Clean Water In The World

Date:09.17.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Health Tips, SALE, Water Conservation, Water Ionizers

                                  On the Hunt for Clean Water     Following yesterday’s blog I received some positive feedback from people who were aghast at the degree of filth some of those bodies of water contained.  I also was asked this same [...]

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The Sad State of Water in Our World

Date:09.16.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Going Green, Health Concerns and Ailments, News, Water Ionizers

                                Water in the World Past & Present   You don’t have to be an environmentalist to recognize that pollution is taking its toll on our rivers, lakes and streams around the world, not to even mention, oceans.  While efforts [...]

Arjun Flower Carpet

Tyent USA and the Power of Flowers

Date:09.15.2014 |    Category:News

                                  Flower Power Creates a Magic Carpet    Art – noun – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically, in a visual form.  Something that is created with imagination and skill.   It has been [...]

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It’s Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!

Date:09.12.2014 |    Category:Fun Friday

  Hey everybody, it’s Fun Friday!             It is Friday and I can’t think of a better day to wrap up the great week we’ve had here at Tyent USA.  From the tremendous success of our Labor Day Sale, Carnival of Savings and this past week’s Back to School Giveaway Sale, [...]

Tyent USA's Tasty Thursday Recipes

Tyent USA’s Tasty Thursday Recipes

Date:09.11.2014 |    Category:Recipes

                           It’s About Time for Some Comfort Food!    While the temperature is still a little warm in some areas, in others, it is beginning to cool down a bit, especially in the evenings.   Originally from the mid-west, I grew up with [...]

Round Two In Water Conservation

Round Two In Water Conservation

Date:09.10.2014 |    Category:Going Green, Water Conservation

                               There is More We Can do to Conserve Water   As I wrote yesterday, at Tyent USA, water is our business, our only business.  However, water conservation is everyone’s business.  Especially when it comes to waste and preservation.    In [...]

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Tyent USA and the Importance of Water Conservation

Date:09.9.2014 |    Category:Going Green, News

                      Conservation, More Than Just a Catch Word   Conservation – the careful use of natural resources to prevent them from being lost or wasted.                                         [...]


Tyent USA, Seriously Cleaning Up Tap Water

Date:09.8.2014 |    Category:Alkaline Water, Health Concerns and Ailments, Water Ionizers

  Some Serious Reasons to Drink Tyent Water         Tyent Water.  To those in the know, those two words signify water that is cleaner than well water, purer than bottled water, and safer than tap water.  In fact, Tyent Water is all those things and so much more. It begins with our award-winning [...]