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“I suggest to everyone to purchase from Tyent USA, and to really look into selling Tyent USA’s whole product line.”

- Lynda Smith

Quality Time Management,
Pollok, Texas

Water Ionizer Dealers: The 7 Secret Benefits of Selling Water Ionizers

The water ionizer industry combines the best of three separate but fast-growing industries:

  • Water industry – global water bottle sales $65.9 Billion
  • Health & wellness industry – over $500 Billion in sales
  • Green products – environmentally-friendly product sales over $40 Billion in the United States alone
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Water ionizers are all the rage today with the increased emphasis on improving our health while being friendly to Mother Nature. Everywhere you look people are drinking purified bottled water in lieu of tap water, but now the trend is steering away from plastic bottles in order to save the environment. Water ionizers fulfill the need for healthy alkaline “antioxidant” water while eliminating the necessity for plastic bottles to transport our water everywhere we go.

The Water Ionizer Industry is Booming

The water ionizer industry is ripe for quick expansion. Additionally, this means there is a high demand for the product and for highly knowledgeable sales representatives. If you’re interested in pursuing a promising career in this exploding industry, look to Tyent USA.

The Best Water Ionizer

Tyent USA is renowned for high-quality water ionization products and excellent customer service. Tyent offers seven secret benefits to its dealers to help them succeed, and, most importantly, to be profitable.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Tyent USA Water Ionizer Dealer

Aside from working with a top-notch company selling state-of-the-art water ionizing technology, there are seven secret benefits for choosing to become a Tyent dealer:

  • Radical income potential
  • Flexible schedule
  • Highly effective training program
  • Top of the line marketing tools and 24/7 dealer support
  • Pricing policies to ensure maximum income potential
  • Tyent’s outstanding reputation as an industry leader
  • Helping others reach better levels of health than ever before imagined

Are There Financial Rewards Selling Water Ionizers?

Selling water ionizers is an easy way to earn a substantial income with Tyent USA. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you looking for a way to make money with little effort?
  • Are you tired of the corporate life stuck in a cubicle?
  • Are you sick of working maximum hours for minimum wage?
  • Need a new lease on life with a career geared to your personal aspirations and lifestyle?
  • If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, becoming a Tyent water ionizer dealer is definitely worth checking out. Give our water ionizer experts a call now at 855-893-6887. Being a Tyent USA dealer can give you the financial freedom you seek away from the corporate doldrums. Regardless of your education and work experience, the Tyent USA program is geared to ensure dealer success.

    Is Selling Alkaline Water for You?

    Maybe you wish to keep your current job or you are attending school and can’t commit to a 9-to-5 job but need some extra income. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom who can only squeeze in a couple hours per day or per week for a job to make extra money. Maybe you like to sleep late or prefer working at your own pace, not a schedule dictated to you by a supervisor or employer. Selling water ionizers for Tyent USA allows you to set your own schedule. You decide how much, or how little, you work. It’s your time. Spend it the way you deem fit. With as little as 5 hours/week, you can make a respectable income with the Tyent USA dealer program.

    Tyent Offers a Highly Effective Training Program

    The key to the high rate of success with Tyent USA water ionizer dealers is the company’s unique and effective training program. The company invested over a quarter of million dollars to design its training program to deliver fast results (21 days or less) for its dealers with an easy and effective plan.

    Tyent USA instructs its dealers in how to:

    • Close a sale
    • Overcome objections
    • Generate leads
    • Progress through the sales process
    • Let the Tyent USA brand sell itself
    • Turn a sales lead into a sale in 21 days or less
    • Become highly knowledgeable and respected in the water ionizer industry

    In essence, Tyent USA dealer training has the benefit of bolstering dealer confidence in order to ensure their success. More good news is that Tyent University is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week so you learn on your own schedule. With a benchmark of 21 days to start seeing results, Tyent gives its dealers the edge when it comes to promoting and selling its products.

    Marketing Tools-Making the Water Ionizer Sale

    Tyent USA provides free, top of the line marketing tools to promote their distributors who just sign up, as well as their water ionizer products. Tyent provides their water ionizer dealers access to professionally-designed full color brochures, business cards, informational DVDs, and literature advocating ionized water, from Tyent water ionizers, for better health and wellness. Their marketing tools, along with the training Tyent water ionizer dealers receive, contributes to a faster start-up and quick results (i.e., more money in your pocket faster).

    Additionally, Tyent USA offers 24 hours a day/7 days a week support for its distributors through its website This website gives dealers access to product information and ordering, marketing print materials, and direct access to Tyent customer support and other resources. Tyent USA provides all the resources and support needed to better equip its water ionizer dealers with the knowledge and tools to make the sale and give outstanding customer support.

    Alkaline Water Supporting Products

    Tyent USA offers its dealers the chance to sell our many other top of the line products as well. Check out our product pages.

    Pricing Policies to Ensure Maximum Income

    Tyent USA products are sold according to a preset pricing structure. This structure is designed specifically to encourage more sales and to reward dealers with more net profit. This pricing structure consists of:

    • Special tiered pricing that rewards its dealers who sell more products with lower prices.
    • Predetermined and mandated minimum quantity orders and wholesale prices benefit dealers by guarding against sale losses to non-authorized water ionizer distributors.
    • Tyent USA protects their dealers from being undersold with minimum advertised price (MAP) – agreement between suppliers and dealers that require that only the lowest price of a product is the only price that can be advertised.
      • All of the factors listed above help to benefit the dealer by safeguarding him from being undercut by other Tyent water ionizer dealers, and directing customers back. The end result - more profits to the Tyent dealer.

        Tyent USA Reputation

        Water ionizers and related products and accessories from Tyent USA are hailed as the best of the best, cutting edge, and highly recommended over competitor products. Tyent has an A+ BBB rating. The company values its reputation for excellence and works hard to give their dealers the benefit of Tyent’s name in order for them to be successful.

        Just check out their website for testimonials from physicians, celebrities, athletes, and everyday folks just like you that have improved their lives simply by changing their water to Tyent alkaline water. As a dealer, these testimonials can be utilized for promotion to increase product interest and sales.

        Just as one example, professional baseball player and star catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates claims that “You gotta look into this alkaline water. It’ll do dividends for your life. When it comes to alkaline water, Tyent USA is THE brand.”

        Feel Good About Helping Others

        Now how many jobs are out there that allow you to make a substantial income on your own schedule while providing friends, family, and complete strangers with the benefit of better health? This is one of those jobs!

        According to Tyent dealer Marco A. Rossil from Virginia, “A great benefit that I enjoy as a Tyent dealer is that I can make extra income while most importantly, help friends, family, and others I meet in this business, to reach a better level of health.”

        Other Tyent dealer comments:

        • “If you’re going to be successful at selling a product, you’ve got to believe that it represents the best choice for customers. That’s exactly why I chose to become a Tyent dealer.” – Austin Buce, Alabama
        • “Now, I do not only make money but I also make the difference in people’s lives.” – Ira Soebroto, California

        If you want to make money and help others, becoming a Tyent water ionizer dealer is a win-win situation.

        Become Successful as a Tyent USA Water Ionizer Dealer

        Tyent USA offers its dealers a unique advantage in getting started faster, thus making money faster.

        • You can make a substantial income selling Tyent USA water ionizers and related products.
        • You are you own boss. You determine your schedule to fit into your lifestyle.
        • Tyent University and its 24/7 support provide you with all the resources you need to get started in the water ionizer business and to start making a profit fast (21 days or less). You will be thoroughly prepared and highly knowledgeable in this industry.
        • Advanced, top quality marketing tools will help you promote yourself and your product.
        • The outstanding reputation of Tyent USA stands behind you every step of the way to ensure your success.
        • Last, but not least - the satisfied feeling of helping others to receive the multiple life-changing benefits of improved health and wellness from Tyent ionized alkaline water.

        Change your life, and others’ lives, for the better by contacting Tyent USA today to learn about their water ionizer dealer program Or, simply call our water ionizer experts at 855-893-6887. You can find more information about Tyent USA and its products from its website, as well as its Facebook page or their Twitter page.


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